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Mariners Inn serves as an anchor for those struggling to navigate the treacherous waters of homelessness and substance abuse through a wide range of social service programs that achieve the best possible outcomes for adults, families and youth affected by addiction.

Mariners Inn provides 24 hour residential substance abuse treatment for adult homeless men of Southeastern Michigan, in a professional, compassionate, therapeutic environment conducive to reducing their problems of drug and alcohol addiction, thereby promoting their return to health, independence, and increased self-worth.

At Mariners Inn we are dedicated to helping homeless men, seeking to be free of addiction, live independent lives filled with dignity and purpose.

Founded in 1925 by the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan, Mariners Inn is a nationally acclaimed, licensed, full-service treatment center providing substance abuse treatment, shelter, and supportive services to Southeast Michigan’s homeless men. Mariners Inn holds the most prestigious three-year accreditation through the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), is licensed to provide integrated treatment, and is one of Detroit’s premier treatment providers.

CARF Accreditation

Mariners Inn is committed to delivering high quality services to our persons served. We are equally committed to maintaining a high level of quality standards for business practice.

We are proud to demonstrate this commitment by achieving CARF accreditation for the following programs: Residential Treatment, Community Housing, and Outpatient Treatment.

We are also the only organization of our type in the region to have achieved application of Governance Standards, which identify Mariners Inn’s Board of Trustees as uniquely committed to providing competent and visionary leadership

Our accreditation is a public commitment that we strive to:

  • Involve persons served and their families in their service planning.
  • Respect individual cultural preferences.
  • Be accountable to our funding sources, referral agencies, and the community at large.
  • Address health and safety concerns, such as building safety and emergency preparedness.
  • Maintain management practices that are efficient, cost-effective, and based on outcomes and consumer satisfaction.

What is CARF accreditation?
When considering a substance abuse treatment provider, how do you evaluate the different available options? Where do you look to determine which providers may offer the highest quality services? The answer is CARF International.

CARF International is an independent, nonprofit accreditor of health and human services providers in the areas of Aging Services, Behavioral Health, Child and Youth Services, Durable Medical Equipment, Employment and Community Services, Medical Rehabilitation, Opioid Treatment Programs, and Vision Rehabilitation Services.

Programs and services that are CARF accredited have demonstrated their conformance to internationally recognized standards for service delivery. They have demonstrated their commitment to continuous quality improvement and a consumer-driven focus.

Person-centered services
Persons served play an active and vital role in the CARF accreditation process, from helping to develop the international performance standards to giving input on the quality of services they receive. Through accreditation, providers demonstrate their belief that all people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, have access to needed services that achieve optimum outcomes, and are empowered to exercise informed choice. Mariners Inn is pleased to join CARF in this mission.

What are the benefits of being CARF accredited?
The benefits of conformance to the CARF standards can be realized by both the organization and its persons served.

For the organization, CARF accreditation is a catalyst for continuous quality improvement. CARF surveyors apply a consultative, rather than inspective, approach. They bring with them not only their own wisdom, but also the experience of similar organizations to promote quality within the industry.

For the consumer, choosing a CARF-accredited program or service can provide confidence that an organization is consumer focused and has met international standards for service delivery.

For more information about CARF International, the standards, or the accreditation process, visit www.carf.org.


Mariners Inn has been recognized with several awards over the years, including:

  • 1999, County of Wayne, Michigan: A Resolution that honored Mariners Inn for outstanding service to the community.
  • 1999, Michigan Council on Problem Gambling: for staff member Lois Johnson’s work on behalf of problem gamblers.
  • 2000, Organization of the Year Award from the Michigan Department of Career Development: for providing employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  • 2000, Certificate of Appreciation Award from the City of Detroit: for an outstanding contribution and commitment to the Census 2000 effort.
  • 2001, CARF Accreditation
  • 2001, Spirit of Detroit Award: for leadership and dedication to improving the quality of life for our residents.
  • 2003, Detroit City Council: Distinguished Service Award.
  • 2005, CARF Accreditation
  • 2008, CARF Accreditation
  • 2011, Finalist for Crain’s Best Managed Nonprofit
  • 2011, Unsung Community Warrior Award, Michigan Food and Beverage Assoc./Metro Detroit Youth Day
  • 2013, Finalist for Crain’s Best Managed Nonprofit
  • 2014, CARF Accreditation
  • 2017, CARF Accreditation
  • 2018, Spirit of Detroit Award: for Mariners Inn's SHE Program
  • 2020, One of the Best Rehab Facilities in Detroit, Help.org
  • 2020, Best of Detroit Award in the Rehabilitation Center category, Detroit Award Program

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