Mariners Inn awarded $41,000 Grant from Ethel and James Flinn Foundation

We are please to announce that Mariners Inn has received a $41,400 grant to provide psychiatric services to our consumers by way of the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation.

The Ethel and James Flinn Foundation is committed to improving the quality, scope and delivery of mental health services in Michigan.
The purpose of this proposed project is to care for consumers with co-occurring disorders more
effectively by treating their addiction and mental illness simultaneously, prevent waste of scarce
community resources, and reduce the number of preventable hospital admissions for substance
abuse relapse and mental health crises.
The most effective way to treat consumers with co-occurring disorders is to address substance
abuse and mental illness simultaneously. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for consumers to
obtain mental health care while they are in substance abuse treatment. Though our Residential
Director and counseling staff have expertise in co-occurring disorders, we do not have the ability
to provide clinical mental health services. Our goal is to accelerate the follow-up appointments,
medication adjustments and any new prescription(s) of medications consumers may need.
With the assitance of the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation, an onsite psychiatrist will allow Mariners Inn to achieve these goals.
Click here to visit the Flinn Foundations website.