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Staff Directory

The following table lists the current staff directory. The directory is updated regularly and should assist you in contacting the appropriate staff member. The main number is (313) 962-9446. Follow the prompts before entering any extensions.

Department Telephone Ext. Contact
Operations x227 Carina Jackson
Finance x225 Nicole Freeman-Kirkland
Human Resources x262 Carmen Proctor
Development x226 Stephen Van Every
Development (Marketing/PR) x230 Erica Rakowicz
Development (Volunteers/Donations) x271 Tehilah Tolbert
Clinical Treatment x233 Brittany Miles
Recovery Housing & Aftercare x239 Shalonda Spencer
Strengthening Families & Prevention x249 Stefanie Alston
Peer Mentoring & Alumni x258 Ed Gardin
Outpatient Treatment x233 Brittany Miles
Strong, Healthy, & Empowered Program Aisha Brown