Consumer Spotlight - David Wright

  • Time: 1:14 PM

Substance abuse began at an early age for David Wright. At 14 he started drinking and smoking mariju...

Substance abuse began at an early age for David Wright. At 14 he started drinking and smoking marijuana, by 16 David had dropped out of school, and by 19 he was using on a regular basis. Shortly thereafter, he was arrested for transporting marijuana from Las Vegas to Detroit. By now he felt completely beaten down. He was court ordered to do 90-days of residential treatment; which is when he first discovered Mariners Inn in 1998. He completed the program successfully and believed that he had the foundation to remain clean and sober. Unfortunately, he was unable to go it alone. The life of substance abuse and drugs called him back.

In 1999 David relapsed to smoking marijuana and drinking believing that if he was not using crack he would be able to control things. That soon failed and he returned to smoking crack. Suddenly his life had changed, he had a baby on the way so David re-entered Mariners Inn in 2003. He believed this was his final chance to turn his life around; however, he later realized that he was not in treatment for himself. He completed and almost immediately upon leaving the program was drinking and smoking marijuana once again. The bad habits returned before he had a chance to start his life independently, let alone with his new family. David now believes that he had not completely committed himself to the program.

From 2003 until 2005 David survived on a string of part-time jobs, living with his girlfriend. His ongoing drug and alcohol abuse tore a hole in his relationship with his girlfriend and they split-up. Growing up without a strong parental support network he turned to his Aunt for most of his nurturing. After moving in with relatives his addiction continued to spiral out of control and he was asked to leave. Living on the streets and still using he had a moment of clarity early one morning while he was trying to sleep at a bus stop. Homeless and ashamed to ask another relative for assistance he went back to his aunt’s home and was welcomed in.

By fate, luck, or God’s will David was still carrying his Mariners Inn card. His family called Mariners Inn and on October 21, 2005 David returned to Mariners Inn. David began to pray and made his mind up that he would successfully complete the program and never to return to drugs again. As part of his treatment he kept a daily journal, which helped him sort through his issues and remain serious with his recovery efforts. David believes that his sobriety would not have happened if his son had not come into his life and his realization of the importance of being a father since David lacked a father of his own. It was his final chance to survive.

Today, David is a long-term employee at Mariners Inn. He has been clean and sober for over six years. He currently resides with his son and girlfriend in a townhouse, which he purchased. Grateful for the spirituality and the parenting and coping skills Mariners Inn taught him, he is giving back to the program by working in the Strengthening Families Program.

They say the third time is a charm. David would say that the third time was the time his life was saved. According to David, Mariners Inn provided him with the tools and support to be a man and a father.