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Detroit and its auto industry are starting to roll again!By Marisol Bello and Steve Gardner, USA TOD...

Detroit and its auto industry are starting to roll again!

By Marisol Bello and Steve Gardner, USA TODAY

'There's an awesome energy here'

These successes help keep young people in the city. Stevie Ansara, 24, is a beatbox artist, a vocal percussionist, who teaches art in Detroit public schools. He is part of a crop of artists and young people celebrating the city's grit.

"There's an awesome energy here," he says. "The city is your canvas."

His Midtown neighborhood is seeing more investment as development groups such as Mosey's entice prospective residents. Funded by local foundations, Mosey's group provides up to $20,000 in forgivable loans for down payments or up to two years' rent as incentives for people to move into the area.

So far, 250 people who work for the three major employers in Midtown have signed up. The group just launched a similar program downtown.

David Sampson, who runs the Mariners Inn homeless shelter and substance-abuse treatment center near the stadiums, said he wants to see the momentum spill over to help downtrodden neighborhoods and people in need.
For now, he says the winning sports teams are a boon to some of his clients, about 16% of whom work as vendors in the stadiums.
Sampson uses the city's revamped image, exemplified by the Chrysler ad, to show his clients that they, too, can succeed.
The ad, he says, told the world: "This is who we are. This is what Detroit is, so stop degrading us. We are on a comeback."

Contributing: Paul White in Detroit; Nicole Auerbach, Jarrett Bell and James Healey in McLean, Va.; and Christopher Woodyard in Los Angeles.

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