August 2012 Community Clean-up

  • Time: 6:09 AM

Once again, the men and staff of Mariners Inn took to the streets of Cass Corridor in downtown Detro...

Once again, the men and staff of Mariners Inn took to the streets of Cass Corridor in downtown Detroit with brooms, lawn mowers, weed-wackers and plenty of trash bags.

Mariners Inn has been hosting their community clean-up on the last Friday of each month this summer. This is a conituned effort from our success with last year's "Catch the Spirit, Keep the Spirit" community clean-up efforts. In addition to its therapeutic value, we believe that this sort of community activism tends to promote ownership, pride, and unity. When people participate in events such as neighborhood clean ups, it enables them to take ownership of their neighborhoods as opposed to being apathetic. People also feel pride in living in a clean, well-kept neighborhood. Finally, when people unite for a common cause, especially one that promotes values such as hard work and community activism, it brings people closer.

In addition to all the good things that it does for this community and the men of Mariners Inn, it speaks to the greater notion of where Detroit as a city is going. There are some great things happening in the city of Detroit. Everyday, more and more people are getting involved on a grassroots level and doing their part to return this city to the shining light that it once was. People are utilizing their skills, talents, and resources to contribute something back to a city from which so much has been taken. We at Mariners Inn are doing the same, just as we have been since our founding in 1925. We intend to continue our efforts, remain cognizant of our philosophy, and persistent in our misson.

Our next clean-up date will take place on Saturday, September 9th 2012. Volunteers are always welcome. We meet at Mariners Inn at 445 Ledyard, Detroit, MI 48201 at 10am. For more information about volunteering or donating supplies, please contact Mrs. Yanish at 313.962.9446 ext. 227.