Drug & Alcohol Addiction Group Meetings Importance

  • Time: 12:18 PM

Relapse of drug and alcohol abuse is the biggest deterrent for addicts failing in recovery, but this...

Relapse of drug and alcohol abuse is the biggest deterrent for addicts failing in recovery, but this core idea can be forgotten or misplaced throughout recovery. It can be easy for those in recovery to lose focus of relapse avoidance because of all the other benefits a sober life can offer. Continued support group attendance is the sole pillar of which all other recovery theme must be.

One does not lose their way from recovery support groups instantaneously. However, there are hobbies and events addicts pick up in sober life, which can pull an addict from recovery’s strait and narrow theme.

Most of them are shrouded in the idea of personal betterment, or quality of life bonuses. For example, drug addicts and alcoholics often take up exercise as a deterrent from use and a form of meditation. This can be very beneficial to a person as it gives them a sober activity that offers a stress relief and endorphin release. People have even been know to embrace a state called “runner’s high.” In this a person can find them selves in a state of addiction to the activity rather than their drug of choice. With the addictive substance being traded for an activity the mental obsession can remain with out proper maintenance.

Community events can also pull an addict from the groups and counselors of which should always be the core of continued recovery. An example may be going to church on Saturday night rather than the large group meeting, which helped an addict through the trials of early sobriety. The replacement is a positive place to be but if the support group is continually neglected it will eventually be forgotten. Before long an addict may find himself or herself not remembering the last group they had gone to. The churches purpose although very positive may not match the key goals of addiction recovery and therapy. With this in mind the meeting must be added at another time of the week or month on a regular basis in order to reconstitute the priorities of continued recovery.

The groups of drug and alcohol addiction support are not only to benefit the individual, but the group as a whole. Addicts go to the meeting first for personal gain, but end up going to meetings to be part of something much bigger. The regular faces and spirits an addict hears from and speaks with each week or month become a driving force against relapse. This is why before any other self-advancement the program of addiction recovery must come first.