Help Us Get To the NA World Convention in Philadelphia!

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This fall, August 29th - September 1st, Mariners Inn will facilitate a trip to Philadelphia so that ...

This fall, August 29th - September 1st, Mariners Inn will facilitate a trip to Philadelphia so that our clients and alumni can participate in this years World convention of Narcotics Anonymous. Our men have attended the event in the past and acknowledge the value and benefits that the convention has on their recovery. In order to attend this event this year, the clients, alumni and staff of Mariners Inn will need to raise approximately $10,000! We will need your help in making this happen.

Events like this are not only beneficial to the population in which we serve but the communities from which they come from as a whole. We are cognizant that the well-being and process of recovery for the men we serve is inextricably tied to the residents of the communities we hope to eventually return them to. We want to cultivate an environment of compassion and awareness. We do this by continually providing the help and resources needed to assist the men we serve return to health, independence and increased self worth. Everything we do focuses on preparing our clients to lead productive lives and prevent relapse. We work to achieve this mission through our programs and related events such as this one. Help us make this happen by donating today.

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Read this description of the event from the Narcotics Anonymous Website

WCNA 35 celebrates the 60th anniversary of miracles happening in NA! For the first time along our journey, we will gather in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Many of you already know that Philly is a great city whose unique characteristics will help us create a special and unique world convention. This will also be the last world convention in the US until 2018. We hope you will join us for this special celebration of our recovery, diversity, and unity!

Also, Check Out These Testimonials From Some Of Our Clients Who Have Attended The Event In The Past:

Testimonial 1

The purpose of going to NA Conventions is to network with other recovering addicts from all walks of life. When I went to my first convention I found a wide range of activities. There were workshops and groups that taught me to use the dynamics of my disease and what happens when I abuse drugs and alcohol. Conventions also helped teach me how to have fun in recovery (sober social skills). I participated in card games, dominos and dances. I learned to come together like a family with other recovering addicts. I liked participated open talks and spoke to a crowd of people that were just like me. I found it exhilarating and rejuvenating. There were such things going on like marathon meetings and sponsorship groups. There were banquet dinners, food stands and if a person did not have money there were hospitality rooms with sandwiches, chips, pop and other snacks and coffee.
I particularly liked the fact that if you are a newcomer to the recovery process and you don’t have the money, fellow recovering addicts will sponsor a “new comer” in order to participate. There were some amazing stories of recovery at conventions and knowledge about living life without the use of drugs and alcohol and learning how to have fun in recovery. These stories are a necessity to living a productive life clean and sober, at least for me they are.
Lon R.
MER Resident
Testimonial 2
I feel it is a great experience for anyone who has the opportunity to partake in such an extravagant affair to be able to see others from another part of the world involved in recovery can be amazing.
Our society is filled with a lot of corruption, disease and illness. Attending the NA World Convention will allow those afforded the opportunity to attend to see firsthand how other regions face the same dilemmas as ourselves here in Michigan. Finding out firsthand how they deal with the same problems (Drugs & Alcohol) can truly broaden a person’s outlook on recovery.
If society makes us human, then it’s going to take God and Humans working together to heal it. Across the globe we are affected.
This experience can help!!!
Roger W.
TH Resident