Social Enterprise at Mariners Inn

  • Time: 12:23 PM

The mission of Mariners Inn is to provide 24-hour, residential, substance abuse treatment for adult,...

The mission of Mariners Inn is to provide 24-hour, residential, substance abuse treatment for adult, homeless men of Southeastern Michigan, in a professional, compassionate, therapeutic environment conducive to reducing their problems of drug and alcohol addiction, thereby promoting their return to health, independence, and increased self-worth.

The Social Enterprise Program provides the following:

An employment opportunity for men who have little to no work history, felonies or have been out of the work force for a long period of time because of their addiction and/or incarceration

Hands on work experience for men who have been out of the work force for a significant amount of time

Funds from proceeds made go back into the program for additional training and employment opportunities

For many years the men worked a car wash on site every Friday in the warmer months (usually May – September) to raise unrestricted funds. It was not an organized business – groups showed up to work, a staff person was assigned to drive the vehicles and collect money. In 2013, we officially launched our Social Enterprise with the car wash. We interviewed those who were interested in working and this is what happened:

They were committed to getting to work on time (6:30am)

They participated in budget meetings and gave input on supplies and equipment

They assisted in marketing by handing out flyers and talking to local businesses and residents about the program

They wore uniforms and completed timesheets because they were Mariners Inn staff

We had approximately 7-10 men available to work and two staff that worked to collect money and sell air fresheners for additional income. Every employee went through an interview, was trained, went through an orientation and received a paycheck – some for the first time in their lives.

In 2015 we are looking to expand the program

Create a Mobile Car Wash/Detailing Program

Retrofit a vehicle to go to businesses and homes and provide services there

Get a contract with a parking garage to provide the mobile service to customers

Expand business to include landscaping (all seasons), light construction and debris removal

Work with community groups and corporations for employment and sponsorship opportunities

Please contact Carina Jackson if you are interested in assisting the efforts of Mariners Inn's Social Enterprise project.