Justin's Story

  • Time: 12:25 PM

Many of us take advantage of the holiday season as a time to share photos and stories highlighting t...

Many of us take advantage of the holiday season as a time to share photos and stories highlighting the year coming to a close with our family and friends.

Today I would like to share a wonderful story of change you’ve made possible through your support of recovery in 2015.


When Justin entered Mariners Inn’s RYPP program in summer 2015, he was struggling with severe depression, homelessness, and alcohol addiction.

After being at Mariners Inn for two weeks, Justin noticed the care and concern that the staff and his peers had for him, and he started to care for himself by participating in groups and engaging in his craft - creating art work.

Art Therapy is part of his daily routine, and he now teaches other consumers how to create artwork, which also helps him maintain a sense of purpose. Over the last four months, Justin has been working on a mural in the hallways of Mariners Inn that depicts the process of recovery. This mural will impact the men of Mariners Inn in a meaningful way for years to come.

Justin continues to work on creating a better life, and has obtained employment performing groundskeeping at Ford Field. Justin is moving forward in his recovery process and is headed for success with his creativity, momentum, and positive attitude.

Justin’s portrait of recovery is possible only because of YOU.

Your generosity provides men with the resources they need to recover from addiction, regain their dignity and self-worth, and return to their families healthy and whole. Because of your generosity in 2015, over 500 men are in recovery and with their families this holiday season. Many more men need your help to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Please consider making a donation of $25, $50, $100 or more this holiday season. Your donation means so much to the men and families we serve. On behalf of the men of Mariners Inn, our staff, and Board of Directors, I wish you a holiday season filled with hope, joy, peace, and love.

THANK YOU and warmest wishes for the New Year,

David Sampson, MSW, LMSW

Chief Executive Officer