Your New Year's Resolution? Help Change A Life

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Dear Friend,As you know, Mariners Inn is a place where the road to recovery is real and possible. Me...

Dear Friend,

As you know, Mariners Inn is a place where the road to recovery is real and possible. Men work with counselors to design a realistic recovery plan but our mission doesn't just stop there. We know that the negative consequences of men dealing with substance abuse produce ripple effects in their communities.

To that end, Mariners Inn also provides counseling services to families and individuals affected by adult men in their lives suffering from substance abuse. We strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for those affected by addiction.

One of our program participants dealing with substance abuse said it best when he shared, “There is no progress without a struggle”, and while he does struggle, he stayed with us because in his words: “The staff continue to show him that there is another way to live”.

After 90 years of serving Southeast Michigan, we’ve helped thousands of men and families over the years across Southeast Michigan and we’re committed to helping countless more men begin the journey of recovery.

You can help someone begin the journey of recovery today.

Your donation of any size has an important impact:

$4.50 provides a nutritious meal.

$35.00 provides a month-long bus pass to a job seeker.

$70.00 provides two weeks of shelter and comprehensive recovery services to a neighbor in need.

Please visit our Success Stories page to find out more about
your donation's impact!

Your generosity provides men with the resources they need to recover from addiction, regain their dignity and self-worth, and return to their families healthy and whole. Because of your generosity in 2015, over 500 men are in recovery and with their families this year. Many more men need your help to overcome addiction and rebuild their lives.

Please consider setting up a recurring donation to support recovery.

Together we can continue to "save families ... one father at a time."

THANK YOU and warmest wishes for the New Year,

Stephanie Maurice, MSW
Development Officer