Meet the Young Professionals Board

  • Time: 10:52 AM

On August 23, the Young Professionals Board of Mariners Inn hosted their Meet and Greet event at M...

On August 23, the Young Professionals Board of Mariners Inn hosted their Meet and Greet event at Mariners Inn. The YPB is made up of like-minded volunteers, ages 18-35, who have a desire to make change in their community and break down the stigma of addiction. Members of the YPB invited residents and staff members into the conference room for conversation and refreshments. The YPB introduced themselves to residents and staff members by way of personal printed bios and informal introductions throughout the event. The new group also requested feedback from residents and staff members about what they’d like to see the YPB accomplish and how the group can improve the overall experience of recovery. Residents had their photos taken, enjoyed refreshments and music, and talked about their personal missions regarding recovery. The YPB plans to conduct many events in the near future, including fundraisers, outings, educational sessions and more, based on the wants and needs of the residents. The mission of the YPB is as follows:

The Young Professionals Board of Mariners Inn (YPB) supports the overall mission and material needs of Mariners Inn through community outreach, fundraising, and serving as a direct resource to staff and clients. By utilizing members’ unique skillsets, the YPB aims to break down barriers to recovery for residents. Client participation is encouraged in all activities, events, and meetings of the YPB as part of a continuous support network throughout the duration of recovery and graduation of the program.

YPB also seeks to reduce the stigma associated with homelessness and addiction through education of the public, especially youth, on recovery and addiction. YPB provides a connection to communities, internal and external, as a way of increasing awareness of the cause in hopes of expanding the reach of recovery programs.

For more information on the YPB, contact Stephanie Maurice (smaurice@marinersinn.org) and she will put you in touch with a YPB member.

  • Erica Rakowicz, YPB Member