Staff Spotlight: Polly McCalister, Housing Director

  • Time: 12:47 PM

Polly McCalister was hired on to the Mariners Inn team in October 2015 as Housing Director, over tr...

Polly McCalister was hired on to the Mariners Inn team in October 2015 as Housing Director, over transitional housing and Mariners Extended Residency.

“I have cherished every moment,” she said.

McCalister believes in Mariners Inn and calls is a crucial Detroit establishment.

“Currently we live in a world consumed with drug addiction, violence, unhappiness and economic struggles,” she said. “Mariners Inn offers a solution to the much needed challenges within our society.”

Mariners Inn not only gives support to men suffering with addiction and dealing with criminal backgrounds but it’s also acts as a place where these men learn self-love and spirituality, all with a family approach.

McCalister got involved in the Mariners Inn Christmas program which involves adopt-a-family over this past holiday season.

“The love and passion that was offered to each family in need was unbelievable,” she said. “The staff went above and beyond to ensure families had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas ‘Mariners Inn style’.”

From this experience, McCalister remembers Christmas day best, when the staff arrived at Mariners Inn at around 8 a.m. to share Christmas with the young men who were unable to spend time with their families.

“The staff shared kind words, tears of support and encouragement to maintain their sobriety in 2016,” McCalister said.

Mariners Inn also offers a 90-day stabilization program that aims to develop the inner soul of each man by developing self-worth and self-love in addition to clinical, art and dance therapy.

“It is the only recovery program that gives each man inclusive body rejuvenation and an everlasting family connection,”said McCalister. “Mariners Inn staff never gives up on any man and affirms no matter what you can always come home.”

The Mariners Inn mission is spread by McCalister when she talks with strangers, friends, family and former co-workers alike. To truly understand the family and healing magic at Mariners Inn, you either have to volunteer or be employed with them, she said.

“It is the most dynamic non-profit I have witnessed that actually serves it clients beyond theory in a book,” she said.

McCalister appreciates waking up to birds chirping outside of her Detroit home because it lets her know spring is here. She also likes to walk her dogs on a warm summer day.

- Erica N. Rakowicz