President Austin visits Mariners Inn!

  • Time: 5:05 AM

Austin Perine, 4, visits Mariners Inn for #ShowLove Fight Hunger tourIn October 2018, Mariners Inn w...

Austin Perine, 4, visits Mariners Inn for #ShowLove Fight Hunger tour

In October 2018, Mariners Inn welcomed our youngest volunteer ever, Austin Perine, aka President Austin, as part of his 10 city #ShowLove Fight Hunger tour. Austin is a four year old philanthropist from Alabama, touring around the United States in efforts to Show Love and feed the homeless.

Austin has gained international attention for his efforts and has been recognized by leaders in the U.S. and Africa. He was awarded his 10 city #ShowLove tour on the Steve Harvey Show. Before his stop at Mariners Inn on October 10, he’ll visit St. Louis, Missouri, and after his Detroit stop he’ll visit Memphis, Tennessee as a reminder to #ShowLove.

Find more about his visit here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U50M14JqYTA

For more information on Austin and his mission, click on the links below.