Help Mariners Inn with Art Projects

Did you know you can come to Mariners Inn to work on an art project with us? We are making a mosaic mural that will go on the side of the building. Everyone is making a square with their handprint on it. The next work day is September 11 and there is no cost to participate. Ms. Webb says people are going to be working from 9:00 until about noon and you don't have to know how to do mosaics to help out.There will be a lot of people there who can te...

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Donate to the River Rhythm 2010 Auction

Today I played in the backyard of the TH house. I love it when people throw things for me to chase. The men here give me neat toys to play with, like balls and empty pop bottles, which I really love.Last week they brought me to Canine to Five to be groomed. I like it there because the people are very nice and there are many other dogs. I got a bath and a haircut.Do you like my haircut?Also, I have been looking around the yard for something to don...

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Photos from 2009 River Rhythm!

I hope you are coming to River Rhythm this year. I am not allowed to go because dogs are not allowed in restaurants, especially really nice ones like the Roostertail. That's too bad, because the Roostertail is right on the water and I think I could have a lot of fun swimming and shaking water on everyone.I hear that River Rhythm is a great time. The food is really good and there are lots of prizes you can win in the silent and live auctions. Ms. ...

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Staff vs. Consumer Baseball Game

On July 29, a baseball game was held between Mariners Inn men and staff. The game ended at a tie (15-15) and everyone had a great time.Kori Loewe, Substance Abuse Counselor, and Cheryl Newton, Finance Director, get ready for the game....

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Hands Across the Cass Corridor

Thanks to the support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and the Detroit Recreation Department, as well as countless individuals and local organizations, a beautiful mosaic has been created on the east side of Mariners Inn's building.Hands Across the Cass Corridor is a 9 by 8 foot mosaic mural created by Mariners Inn consumers and neighborhood residents with the artistic expertise and support of artists Hubert Massey, Grace Ser...

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Thank You to Motor City Casino!

On July 19, staff from Motor City Casino came to Mariners Inn and provided lunch to the men and staff. Lunch included hot dogs, burgers, grilled chicken, potato and pasta salads, some fantastic desserts, and other items. Motor City generously provides lunch to Mariners Inn twice each year.We appreciate the ongoing support of Motor City. Thank you to the following Motor City staff: Charles Varney, Joetta Stevenson, Wendi Hall, Susie Stokes, Alan K...

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Golf Outing 2010

The 2010 Golf Outing was a success! The golf was amazing and nearly $20,000 was raised to support Mariners Inn's programs. A fantastic time was had by all!...

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Lobby Renovations Complete: Grand opening May 21!

I have been so busy lately working on Mariners Inn lobby renovations I haven't had time to blog. But I did want to make sure you knew about our grand opening on May 21at 10:30am. Come down and see all the hard work I've done painting, cleaning, and placing all those little tiny tiles on the wall. I'll tell you it's not easy with paws; I keep getting glue in my fur! YUCK!! The clients did the artwork that will be on the walls.We will also be unvei...

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Does anyone know what the tax deduction is for BONES?

Tomorrow is tax day and I hope everyone has donated to Mariners Inn for their 2009 charitable contributions deduction! If not please think of us in 2010. You can donate anything from cash to clothes to food; we accept it all.Just call Doreen Webb at 313.962.9446 ext 230 for more information.I think I'm going to just bury my bones in the backyard from now on!...

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Detroit Tigers Luxury Suite Auction!

Hey Tigers Fans!Mariners Inn has a great Detroit Tigers Luxury Suite up for auction this week. I LOVE TO PLAY BALL!! You can see I'm gearing up for the season and ready for my chance to play catcher...If you want your chance to watch a Tigers game with 17 of your closest friends make sure you bid on it and we'll all win!...

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Help Mariners Inn win a $10,000 from Magic 105.1!

Hi everyone!Did you hear that a radio station is giving away $10,000 to a worthy cause, organization or non-profit. Mariners Inn wants to be the non-profit that wins this money. Think of all the dog biscuits I could buy!Just go to Magic 105.1 and vote for Mariners Inn. It’s really easy to do and I know you want me to have more biscuits, don’t you?This week is going to be soooooo great. The weather is expected to be in the 70’s and I look forward ...

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Thanks to Canine to Five and the MHS!

I love the guys that I live with and I love the community I’m in as well! Today I took a car ride (head hanging out the whole time, of course) down to Canine to Five to say hi to all my friends that were in doggie day care. I also wanted to show my support of the Michigan Humane Society by getting my picture taken by Mod 4. They offered to take pictures for a donation to MHS, how great is that!!! Here are a few pictures of me at my photo shoot to...

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