Just My Two Cents: Recovery Oriented System of Care

Just My Two Cents David Sampson, MSW, LMSW, Mariners Inn CEO Recovery Oriented System of Care: Peer Recovery Support Services and the Necessity for Recovery Housing It is my firm empirical, professional, and personal belief that peer recovery support services and recovery housing are essential elements to ensure the type of long-term sobriety necessary in helping to rebuild communities that have been devastated by the disease of addiction. Th...

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Video Tour of Mariners Inn

"This is not just a treatment center - it's a community." Click here to watch an insider's tour of Mariners Inn! ...

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Check out our Spring 2016 Newsletter

Read our just-published Spring 2016 Newsletter to find out more about recovery at Mariners Inn and ways you can get involved!...

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A Message from our CEO on the new Cass Park Historic District

As many of you may know, in a unanimous decision the Detroit City Council voted to exclude Mariners Inn from the Cass Park Historic District on April 19, 2016. The decision removes the uncertainty of being able to explore and control our own destiny in terms of the future. The statement that Bishop Wendell N. Gibbs Jr. made following the decision rings true for all of us - “Today’s decision shows a recognition for the ongoing work going on at th...

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Staff Spotlight: Polly McCalister, Housing Director

Polly McCalister was hired on to the Mariners Inn team in October 2015 as Housing Director, over transitional housing and Mariners Extended Residency.“I have cherished every moment,” she said.McCalister believes in Mariners Inn and calls is a crucial Detroit establishment.“Currently we live in a world consumed with drug addiction, violence, unhappiness and economic struggles,” she said. “Mariners Inn offers a solution to the much needed chal...

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Supporter Spotlight: Michael French, Mariners Inn Board Member

Michael French, a three-year-and-counting member of the board at Mariners Inn, was first introduced to the establishment in 1994. French’s father passed away in 1990 and French remembers going to a groundbreaking ceremony and unveiling of the Dainforth Baker French building, named after his father, at Mariners Inn. French’s grandfather donated funds in order to build the Dainforth Baker French building at Mariners Inn and ever since, Marine...

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Just My Two Cents - The Flint Water Crisis

The Flint Water Crisis has been on the top of everyone’s list of topics for discussion and, more importantly, on top of most of our lists to do something about. I can’t imagine the heartbreak and outrage of feeling the type of helplessness that some of the residents in Flint that have been negatively impacted by this crisis must feel. I have been following the crisis since it was made public by a member of the clergy and a reporter from the Cit...

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Meet Mark

MEET MARK Mark, a recent resident of Mariners Inn, just signed his first lease in a very long time on Jan. 19, 2016. He’s hopeful that 2016 will be his strongest year yet. He wants to become a vegetarian and rejoin the world while learning to be a spectacular grandfather and father. Mark is a father of three boys and a grandfather to five children. “This program has really helped me get back in focus with my life,” he said. At the age o...

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Mariners Inn Social Enterprise Update

Check out this Curbed Detroit article about a home Mariners Inn residents worked on through our Social Enterprise program! "Jeff Batton, one of the founders of Batton Homes, tells us that these individuals are great workers, 'Eager, supportive, and wanting to come back.'" Thank you, Batton Homes, for providing opportunity to the men of Mariners Inn! ...

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