Just My Two Cents – from David Sampson, CEO

Recently the internet published a despicable act of ignorance from a fast food restaurant employee that made my skin boil - not simply because of what he did, but also because he was encouraged by the people actually filming the unconscionable act of disrespect and dehumanization (video here). My initial response to the online video was sadness. That sadness quickly turned into the type of internal vigilantism that wanted to see an equal reacti...

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How You Can Help a Person in Recovery

Joseph Rizzo, MA, TLLP Lead Counselor & Outpatient Director, Mariners Inn Foster Motivation and Encouragement Helping someone achieve recovery is a process that is predicated on the individuality of the client. In most cases, the individual needs to have an internal motivation to obtain his or her own sobriety. Thus it can be difficult for others to assist a person in obtaining their own sobriety. However, within the realm of recovery ...

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Family Counseling in the Treatment Process - Interview with Treatment Director Kori Loewe

Read this article featured on Addiction Blog for more information about Mariners Inn's approach to family counseling. For more information, call 313-962-9446 or email

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Mariners Inn CEO David Sampson on Kiwanitalk

David Sampson, Mariners Inn CEO, is featured on this week's Kiwanitalk show - take a look at the video online or watch on TV to find out more about Mariners Inn's approach to recovery and the resulting success stories!...

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Mariners Inn's Fall 2015 Newsletter

Read our just-published Fall 2015 Newsletter to find out more about recovery at Mariners Inn and ways you can get involved! ...

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Take a look our exciting recent news!

1) Young Men in Recovery Giving Back at Mariners Inn2) Mariners Inn COO Selected for Leadership Detroit3) Mariners Inn Treatment Director Named Marshall Memorial Fellow...

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Christopher's Story

Chris came to Mariners Inn with an array of different issues - his alcohol and drug use had spiraled out of control and he had no place to live. Chris had resorted to selling drugs to support his expensive habits; the criminal behavior had gotten so out of control that Chris realized he needed to make some changes with his life.Chris entered our program in April 2014; from the beginning, he was very engaged in the process of recovery. In July 201...

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Clay's Story

Clay has been a resident of Mariners Inn’s Extended Residency since March 2012.As the most senior member of the current residents, he has seen and been part of the many changes that have occurred in the housing program in that time. In the beginning of Clay’s stay, behavioral changes in his recovery process were not a priority.His willingness to help and be positive to others was almost nonexistent. With continued time in recovery, the change...

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Exercise and Recovery

Addiction impacts people from every walk of life and no one’s experience will be the same. Someone questioning whether their marijuana use is more than a recreational habit will approach recovery differently than someone struggling with long-term painkiller addiction. Addiction treatment comes in many forms, as well. Popular culture paints drug rehab as hospital beds, IV drips and group counseling sessions. These resources are present in many t...

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Mariners Inn Employee Angelo Glenn Named to National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS Board of Directors

National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. Names Angelo Glenn as New Board of Directors Member (July 21, 2015, New York, NY) – The National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS, Inc. (NBLCA) is pleased to announce the election of Angelo Glenn of Detroit, Michigan, as a member of the Board of Directors at the organization’s Annual Board of Directors meeting on June 17. Angelo Glenn serves as Director of the Substance Use Disorder Prevent...

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Art Therapy Program Featured in Detroit Free Press

Check out this great article from the Detroit Free Press: Men at Mariners Inn use art therapy to master recovery...

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