Mariners Inn is starting a Community Garden!

We are beginning to plan our first community garden for the spring and are really excited about this project.  We hope to eventually have a garden big enough to provide food not only to our clients but to the surrounding community.  We also hope this garden will be a place for connection with the both the earth and with each other.

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Paul's Story

                Before I came to Mariners Inn I was trapped in my addiction and getting high every day.  I didn’t care about anyone or anything including myself.  I was hopeless and desperate.  I didn’t know much about the Mariner Inn Program, I just knew I needed help.  I’ll never forget the day I walked through these doors.  My spirit was broken and I didn’t know what to expect.

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The Mariners Inn Choir Performs at Wayne County Community College!!!

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Rotary Club of Grosse Pointe hosts the Mariners’ Inn Men’s Choir

The Rotary Club of Grosse Pointe hosts the Mariners’ Inn Men’s Choir for lunch and holiday songs. The Mariners’ Inn provides 24-hour, residential, substance abuse treatment for adult, homeless men of Southeastern Michigan with the goal of “saving families, one father at a time.”

Grosse Pointe News



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"The Big Three"

Normally, in the City of Detroit, when the term "The Big Three" is used, there is an automatic association with the auto industry; Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. 

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Consumer Spotlight - David Wright

Substance abuse began at an early age for David Wright. At 14 he started drinking and smoking marijuana, by 16 David had dropped out of school, and by 19 he was using on a regular basis.  Shortly thereafter, he was arrested for transporting marijuana from Las Vegas to Detroit.  By now he felt completely beaten down.  He was court ordered to do 90-days of residential treatment; which is when he first discovered Mariners Inn in 1998.  He completed the program successfully and believed that he had the foundation to remain clean and sober.  Unfortunately, he was unable to go it alone. The life of substance abuse and drugs called him back.

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Mariner’s Inn mosaics, peace by piece via The Detroit Hub

By: Ashley Hennen

A mosaic that’s remniscent of Van Gogh’s Starry Night hangs in the lobby of Mariners Inn, the Cass Corridor shelter and treatment center for homeless men. The blues and golds look like that famous painting, but instead of a night sky spanning across this triptych, there’s a bridge that spans from dark to light as the mosaic tiles move toward the door.

“It’s transformation,” says Maxine Gardner a volunteering art therapist at Mariners Inn.

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Mariners Inn Needs Your Help! Looking for a volunteer to teach basic computer skills.


The Mariners Inn Residential Treatment Program is looking for a volunteer willing to come in and facilitate our computer lab. 

(Not actual PC Lab)

You should be computer literate and able to assist our consumers with basic computer skills such as accessing the internet, setting up email accounts, utilizing social media, and writing resumes.  Times are flexible and evening/weekend hours would be available. 

If you're interested contact our Residential Program Director Kori Loewe at 313-962-9446 or

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