Mariners Inn's outpatient program is housed in the Career Initiative Center at Jewish Vocational Services (JVS). This program provides substance abuse services to clients who are homeless and looking to stabilize their lives through employment and sobriety.

Mariners Inn Outpatient Program accepts adult males and females, 18 years of age or older, who are residents of the City of Detroit. In general, individuals accepted for substance abuse treatment will meet the diagnostic substance abuse disorder as defined by current DSM (Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders) criteria or other standardized and widely accepted criteria.

Clients accepted into the Outpatient Program receive weekly treatment in the form of group didactic classes and individual counseling sessions. Treatment is provided for a 90-day period during which time they are assisted in meeting their treatment plan goals.

Program Goals:

  • Providing clean urinalysis / Breathalyzer screens
  • Attend a minimum of three NA / AA meetings per week
  • Identify a support network
  • Secure housing
  • Employment