Mariners Inn has two housing programs which are vital to the ongoing recovery process of our men as they work towards their transition back into the community. The two housing programs are the Mariners Inn Extended Residency Program (MER) and the Transitional Housing Program (TH). The MER Program has the capacity to house 28 residents who may have some barriers (i.e. educational, criminal history, etc.) The TH Program has the capacity to house 36 residents who usually have a more extensive work history and fewer barriers to an independent lifestyle.

What we do

Our Housing programs provide an alcohol-and drug-free residential environment, address all barriers to independent living, and encourage residents to achieve their fullest potential.  All members of the Housing Team serve the residents in many different areas from case management/vocational services to therapy services to recreation.

It is the belief of the Team that the resident should play an active role in his treatment. Therefore, the residents’ goals and objectives established are in accordance with their needs, preferences, and abilities in order to increase their level of motivation and commitment to change. For example, the residents are taught a wide variety of life management skills and are encouraged to participate fully in activities of daily living. This supports their movement towards becoming more fully functioning and productive members of society.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Homeless
  • Able to achieve self-sufficiency / independence
  • Successful completion of a residential substance abuse treatment program
  • Employment ready
  • Capacity: Sixty-four men

Resident Obligations:

  • Remain completely abstinent from alcohol and other drugs
  • Spend at least six hours per day seeking employment
  • Be employed or actively seeking employment. Clients are able to enroll in school or training program but still have to be employed.
  • Regularly attend NA / AA meetings (3 if employed / 5 if unemployed)
  • Attend at least one group counseling session per week
  • Attend one vocational class per week if unemployed
  • Be a positive influence to the Inn's recovering community
  • Pay fee-for-services. Generate savings for independent living.
  • Make continuing progress toward independent, sober living
  • 90-day probationary period to assist in transition from residential treatment program

Program Wish List:

We need you to help us continue to provide our men with the proper resources and services. We rely on individuals, community groups, and businesses to provide our men with job training, job placement, donations, legal assistance, and referral sources for housing as they transition back into the community independently.

Mariners Inn believes that it takes a community to provide the men with the tools not only to recovery but the foundation for them to reestablish themselves in society as a productive citizen to some day “Pay it Forward”.

Housing Wish List

  • Blankets, sheets, towels, washcloths
  • Suits, dress shirts, ties, dress shoes (for interviews)
  • Mattresses, mattress covers, pillows, hypoallergenic pillow covers
  • Sofa
  • Twin bed frames
  • Lawn furniture
  • Event tickets, movie passes, concert tickets