Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Like diabetes and asthma, addiction is a chronic disease. Until recently, however, most treatment has been based on a short-term acute care model through which individuals receive 30 to 90 days of treatment and are then returned to the community with the expectation that they automatically have the skills and resources needed to rebuild their life, succeed, and maintain their sobriety.

Following treatment, these individuals often have no other option but to return to the only lifestyles, neighborhoods, and social networks they know, leaving them highly vulnerable to relapse.

When relapse occurs, they are put through the same system again

Mariners Inn’s Peer Mentoring Program will serve individuals and families who are reintegrating into the community following substance abuse treatment and help them to avoid relapse and maintain a healthy, fulfilling, and independent lifestyle. Recovery support services are ongoing non-clinical services (e.g. social support, mentoring, and linkages to community resources) that help individuals and families who are recovering from substance abuse problems maintain their recovery and improve their quality of life. Recovery support services also provide a bridge back to treatment when needed, ensuring that consumers access treatment promptly rather than waiting until their problem becomes more complex and costly to treat.

With funding from the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan, the Flinn Foundation, and MGM Resorts Foundation, Mariners Inn provides a Peer-designed and Peer-delivered recovery-mentoring program for more than 50 men.

Services Provided:

  • Provide access to community resources that address mental health, education, literacy, employment, housing and spiritual needs
  • Assist consumers in embracing recovery orientated principles and guidelines
  • Deliver person centered care
  • Assist consumers with transitioning back into society
  • Assist in finding reliable transportation to appointments and interviews
  • Assist consumer in achieving treatment goals without returning back to treatment and maintain involvement in recovery process

To qualify you must…

  • Be a Wayne County Resident
  • Be a male age 18 and older
  • Recently completed a substance abuse treatment program
  • Preference is given to Mariners Inn Alumni and current consumers but others will be considered.