"I went to the party in 1966 and I didn’t come home till 2001. Mariners didn’t turn their back - they asked me what I wanted to do about my problem and how they could help..." Lawrence's letter

"Mariners Inn has made a Tremendous Impact on my Life!!!!! It has taken me a better part of 12 years to finally really understand Addiction, Myself, and the Impact that it has had on me and my Family..." Michael's letter

"Hello; My name is Earl S. I just want to express my gratitude for the Strengthening Families program. After coming into treatment after a few days go by and your head begins to clear, you think about all the wrongs you’ve done while in the madness of your addiction..." Earl's letter

"My life has become better since coming through the doors of Mariner’s Inn. I am a sixty-one year old man with a broken spirit, hopelessness, mentally, and physically bankrupt..." Cedric's letter

"I came to Mariners Inn November 30, 2007, homeless and addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I was tired of hurting myself and my family..." Thomas's letter

"Here at Mariners you find out things about yourself, through group and one on one meetings and what it takes to maintain that sobriety. I am catching up with the real me after all these years..." Carl's letter

"I arrived here at Mariners Inn on 11-23-08 because I needed some help with a crack cocaine addiction. I’ve been here now for 3 1/2 months..." Melvin's letter

"Through this program I have a better relationship with my son, through the Strengthening Families program..." Jerry's letter

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