Mariners Inn Awarded $3,500 Beautification Grant

Mariners Inn, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Grosse Pointe, collaborated on a beautification project to clean up and enhance the external grounds of the agency, Saturday, June 29th.  Despite a few sprinkles and ominous clouds, community volunteers, Rotary members, residents of Mariners Inn and staff proved that "many hands do indeed make quick work".  


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Mariners Inn at Detroit Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous

DACNA XXI "Living The Dream" 

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Healthy reactions to matters outside my control

I still experience strong emotions when people (landlords, relatives, employers, friends) contact me about a status or question about one of my sons. There’s a lot of collateral damage floating around out there and it pops up from time to time. The reality is their drug addiction left untreated progressed to typical outcomes: irresponsibility, vagabond lifestyles, and, in some instances, drug related crime. As a result, I’m left standing as the only viable source for information – apparently.

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Abstinence vs. Harm Reduction

By Josh Thompson, Guest Contributor of

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction Group Meetings Importance

Relapse of drug and alcohol abuse is the biggest deterrent for addicts failing in recovery, but this core idea can be forgotten or misplaced throughout recovery. It can be easy for those in recovery to lose focus of relapse avoidance because of all the other benefits a sober life can offer. Continued support group attendance is the sole pillar of which all other recovery theme must be.

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Growing Dreams - Mariners Inn Community Garden

This year, we started our first community garden. The video you are watching documents the men harvesting our first crop, lettuce. The purpose of the garden is to give the gentlemen a healthy, therapeutic outlet while also giving them the opportunity to contribute to one of the major issues in our community, an inability to access fresh produce.

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Recovery and Responsibility- "Uplifting a Community"

Making the decision to change your life after years of use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and other mind/mood-altering chemicals, is both admirable and necessary.    Recovery starts with the identification that there is a problem and the decision to do something about it.   The Twelve-Steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous is one of the most recognized and effective  tools used to help combat the disease of addiction.  Within the twelve-steps, there is content and a tone that promotes self awareness and responsibility; which is necessary to help effectively cope with the disease of addicition.   I submit to you that there is also content and a tone that promotes giving back.  While it is necessary to become selfishly involved with the recovery process, it is as equally necessary to become involved with uplifting a community with the knoweldge and experience gleaned from the tremendous battle with addiction.  The responsibility

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Musicians and Drugs

Eminem’s first step advice to anyone with a drug or alcohol problem is to “admit you’ve got a problem.” In the second part of Access Investigates Musicians and Drugs, they look at those who found their way out of a downward spiral and are now living a drug-free life.

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